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​Hall of Shame
A few classic design fails for your amusement.
Juice Creative has not produced or edited any of these images.

Arlington Pediatric Center

Not sure exactly what is going on here, other than a hugely inappropriate graphic

Mega Flicks

Get your letter spacing correct if you want to avoid attracting undesirable customers

Clinica Dental

It's traumatic enough visiting the dentist and this logo certainly wouldn't put you at ease

Kudawara Pharmacy

Just exactly what kind of services does this pharmacy provide?


More letter spacing fun from the U.S. Did anybody check this before paying the bill?

Computer Doctor

As Baldrick would probably say ... it looks exactly like a thingie!

Flickering Lights

The importance of letter spacing part 3. It's quite simple, guys. Just have a look at your work before sending it to print

Instituto de Estudos Orientais

Apparently, this portrays an Asian building with the rising sun behind it. Maybe it's just me, but I keep seeing something else

Ank Air

Turkish airline logo with a symbol that unfortunately looks like a letter and, well, changes everything

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